As an independent family company, DR. KADE has been developing, producing, and marketing high-quality medicines since 1886 for applications in gynecology, proctology, andrology, gastroenterology, pain treatment and vitamine/nutritional supplements. You can see the key facts and figures here.
The total turnover of the business activities of DR. KADE in the business year 2017/18 added up to approx. 131  million EUR, of which around 87 % was generated in our core market Germany. Around 43 % of the domestic turnover was generated with non-prescription drugs for self-medication (over-the-counter).

Through sales cooperations and joint ventures, DR. KADE is also active in Europe and outside of Europe, where approx. 13 % of the turnover is generated. At the moment the most important foreign markets for DR. KADE are Japan (with Maruho, since 1923) and Poland (with Kadefarm). Russia and Scandinavia are steadily gaining importance for the company.

DR. KADE Pharmazeutische Fabrik GmbH

Founded 1886
Sites Berlin, Rigistraße und Ullsteinhaus
Turnover 2017/18 ~ 131 mil. €
Employees ~ 270
Areas of Application Gynecology, Proctology, Andrology, Gastroenterology, Pain Treatment, Vitamine/Nutritional Supplements
Important Brands Posterisan akut, KadeFungin 3, Trancolong, Utrogest, Oekolp, Androtop, Testogel, Gynokadin, Sanostol, FAKTU lind, RIOPAN



Two sites in Berlin. More than 270 smart heads actively involved.
More than 130 years of tradition in pharmaceutical production. A leading role in the areas of women’s health and hemorrhoidal complaints in Germany. International presence in the growing markets of Asia and Eastern Europe: that is DR. KADE.
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An active ingredient alone does not make an effective drug. The basis of our innovation strategy is the close interdisciplinary cooperation in the development of new products and the optimisation of dosage forms.
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