Blessed is he who can rely on strong partners in his business relationships. For almost 95 years DR. KADE has focused on cooperation when it comes to entering new markets and pooling competencies – in Germany and abroad.


A cooperation with the Japanese drugs manufacturer Maruho has existed since 1923, and today it covers the application areas of proctology and dermatology. Maruho is the central sales partner and market leader with the Posterisan range in Japan.

Besins Healthcare

The Belgian company Besins Healthcare is one of the leading companies in the area of gynecology, in particular in hormone replacement treatment. DR. KADE and Besins set up a joint venture in 1992, through which innovative products such as Gynokadin gel and Utrogest have been successfully marketed.


In 2006 a joint venture was set up in Poland with Kadefarm to further increase the marketing of DR. KADE products in Poland. In 2010 an administration and warehouse building was erected in Sieroslaw near Poznan to plan for positive developments in the future. Thanks to their commitment the employees at Kadefarm make a large contribution to the company’s success abroad.


Experience you can rely on: the success of DR. KADE began in 1886 in a pharmacy at Oranienplatz in Berlin. Since then we have developed from a supplier to the imperial court into an internationally active pharmaceutical manufacturer – more about that in our interactive history.
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Facts and Figures

DR. KADE at a glance: the most important facts and figures.
DR. KADE has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality medicines since 1886 for applications mostly in gynecology and proctology.
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