An active medical ingredient alone does not make an effective medical product. The basis of our innovation strategy is therefore the close interdisciplinary cooperation in the development of new products and the optimisation of galenical formulations and dosage forms.

From the idea to the project

Product ideas are developed in working circles, in which the Medicine, Marketing, and R&D Departments work together flexibly in accordance with our corporate philosophy of short decision-making procedures and flat hierarchies. Therapeutic trends are identified early by the Medical Department and the requirements and opportunities of the market are detected by the Marketing Department. The R&D Departments check the feasibility and the Regulatory Affairs Department the legal requirements. A project is born.

From the project to the product

Tablets, creams, or suppositories: the correct form of administration is vital so that the active ingredient gets quickly, reliably, and with as few side effects as possible to the place where it is needed. Our Galenic Development Department in Konstanz is equipped with pilot machinery for the production of all popular forms of administration – even for highly effective drugs and hormones. To ensure that the most promising recipes can be identified early, each stage of development is monitored by our Analytic Development Department by means of an extensive spectrum of test procedures. As a result not only drugs, but also medical products and new packaging solutions are developed in our Galenic Department. In the area of biotechnology our special active ingredient bacterial culture suspension (BCS) undergoes continual further development.
As soon as a newly developed product is ready to meet the pharmaceutical requirements of an easy to produce and sustainable drug formula, samples are produced for clinical tests in the Galenic Development Department. These tests on the tolerance, availability, and effectiveness are then looked after by our Clinical Research Department.

From the product to the registered drug

Parallel to the extensive development work our internationally experienced Regulatory Affairs Department lays the foundations for later market licensing are laid by. For this purpose the responsible official offices in various states are provided with extensive data about the assessment according to the respectively valid requirements.
That way, in recent years products such as Cliovelle, KadeFungin Milchsäurekur, and Posterisan protect have been successfully developed from the idea phase to the market maturity. Apart from these newly development products, many drugs such as OeKolp, KadeFungin, and Posterisan which have enjoyed success in Germany have also been licensed in various countries around the world.


Various premium products are available for licensees or distribution partners in selected countries.
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We take a progressive approach not just to the development, but also to the production and quality control of medical products and drugs. It goes without saying that both of our production sites in Berlin and Konstanz meet the latest standards such as Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) as well as international norms such as the Certification for Medical Products.
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