We take a progressive approach not just to the development, but also to the production and quality control of medical products and drugs. It goes without saying that both of our production sites in Berlin and Konstanz meet the latest standards such as Good Manufacturing Practise (GMP) and international norms such as the Certification for Medical Products.

The foundation: our quality management system

In order to be able to guarantee the high quality of our drugs and medical products, the correct functioning of all equipment and processes which are used for production and testing has to be checked and documented. Our holistic quality management system ensures this.

The potential: modern, flexible equipment

Due to our flexible production equipment we are able to react quickly to customer requests and market changes. In our Biotechnology Department we produce our own active ingredient bacterial culture suspension (BCS) with the help of modern fermentation equipment.
In the production of drugs we have efficient equipment for the production of ointments, creams, and gels, suppositories and ovula as well as tablets and dragées. In addition we produce special forms of administration and packaging suitable for specific therapies, such as suppositories with gauze inserts and single-use tubes for proctology as well as complex combined packs.
An important focus of our production is the processing of highly effective substances. Here high demands regarding the safety of the product and the employees are placed on the design of the equipment. As a result in 2009 a completely new complex of buildings with the latest full containment facilities was put into operation in order to exclusively produce hormonal drugs.

Safety: tested quality

Each delivery of raw material is extensively checked before being used in production. During the production of the drug each critical production stage is monitored by use of so called in-process control. Each product batch is checked before delivery to ensure its perfect quality. In doing so modern analytical processes such as chromatographic techniques (HPLC, HPTLC and GC), spectrometric (NIR and FTIR), microbiological, immune-chemical (ELISA and FACS), and biochemical processes are used. These methods ensure that even the most minor deviations from the specified quality can be detected in advance.

The result: quality “Made in Germany”

More than 10 million finished packages leave our two production sites in Berlin and Konstanz. Together with the products delivered abroad for packaging on-site, this amounts to over 400 tonnes of ointments, 90 tonnes of suppositories, 16 tonnes of tablets, and 2 tonnes of bacterial culture suspensions per year, all produced by us.


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Facts and Figures

DR. KADE at a glance: the most important facts and figures.
DR. KADE has been developing, producing and marketing high-quality medicines since 1886 for applications in gynecology, proctology, and pain therapy.
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